Project Assessment / Design Integrated Systems Group's staff includes designers and engineers who create systems solutions for your fire suppression system designs. We are also able to create accurate and timely estimates. We generate weekly project status reports and provide comprehensive systems training when the project is done. Our Engineers have the ability to design a project from the ground up. Our technical staff are highly trained on all of our product lines and all applicable code requirements. We provide twenty-four hour service to our customers. We can provide testing and certifications as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The National Institute for Engineering Technologies (NICET) has certified several of our personnel for fire alarm systems, and special hazards. Service contracts are available for all of the special systems within a given facility. We are cognizant of the critical need for reliable means and methods of assessing the effectiveness and accuracy of any fire control detection and suppression system during the engineering/design stage. In support of any consultative or design effort to an engineering firm or end user, we offer two separate analyses which, when used properly, will often lessen the ultimate cost of a engineered fire suppression system while ensuring the highest level of system performance. Contact us today about engineered fire suppression systems and design. © Integrated Systems Group 2011. All Rights Reserved. Created by PorterPro Services.